If you are a beginner on the water, you will find few locations from which it is safer to make your first attempts at boating. If you are a more experienced sailor, you are within a couple of miles of some of the deepest water in Europe. This is evidenced by the fact that in the sixties Gulf Oil chose Whiddy Island as its location of choice for an oil terminal because the deep water of Bantry Bay, on the outside of the islands provided ample depth for the berthing of its fleet of ‘super-tankers’.

You are very welcome to visit our club. Some of the facilities we provide include storage (temporary with temporary membership), shower and toilet facilities, navtext, phone, waste bin, water and visitors moorings provided by Bantry Harbour Commissioners.


Welcome to the Homepage of Bantry Bay Sailing Club(BBSC). Bantry Bay is what is referred in geological terms as a Ria. The floor of the bay sank under the weight of a glacier during the ice-age and this gave rise to a long narrow inlet when the glacier receded. The bay is some thirty miles(50 Kms) in length and the town of Bantry is situated at the innermost point of the bay. This accounts in part for its very sheltered position.

It is further protected by a string of islands which stretch across almost the full width of the bay about a mile from the town. These islands provide evidence of the effects of the glacier. They are deposits of boulder clay which were left behind by the glacier when it melted. The biggest and best known of these islands is Whiddy These give rise to an inner harbour which is almost the equivalent of a saltwater lake in terms of its level of protection from the elements. Our clubhouse is located on the innermost side of this harbour.

Welcome to Bantry Bay Sailing Club


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